Standard Model (Peel & Stick Adhesive Universal Mount) for Howard Leight / Peltor Rangeguard / similar headsets:

    • For Howard Leight Impact Sport / Impact Pro / similar models, remove the original foam pads by pulling them straight outward. Then, take the new gel ear pads and simply slide the outer lip underneath the headset's tabs and then press the pads firmly against the headset for at least 10 seconds to activate the pressure-sensitive adhesive. During installation, we recommend prioritizing the sides of the pad first, then the top and bottom. See the following picture to confirm that this rounded design does fit perfectly, even though it does not follow the original rectangular shape. 
    • Our adhesive is not permanent, and removal of the pads does not degrade the adhesive if one takes care to avoid contaminating it. We have removed and reinstalled a single pair of pads more than 50 times and did not detect a measurable change in bonding strength. Pressure must be applied during application to activate this adhesive.
    • 3M Peltor Sport Tactical 100 / 300 / 500 and Rangeguard: while there is an existing plastic snap-in plate on the that can be removed, the factory-provided pads can be easily peeled off their underlying plastic plates and replaced with our upgraded pads.
    • The key to proper mounting is cleaning and pressure. After peeling off the original pads, use a degreaser or similar cleaning product to remove any remaining residue on the underlying plastic mounting plate. Next, after aligning our pads, press them against the headset for at least ten seconds in order to active the pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Aviation Model (Stretchback Universal Mount):

Stretchback Version notes:

    • The two extra fabric-covered foam pieces in your package are protective covers for your speakers and are used only as required, and the black fabric faces your head while the foam faces the speakers. Simply push them over the speaker and slide the edges of the fabric insert underneath the pad.
    • If your retaining flap on the rear is a bit too large and difficult to pull over the rim of your headset, please understand that the retainer was designed to fit as many headsets as possible and is capable of being stretched an impressive amount without tearing. However, if the stretch retainer is too large for your headset and needs to be trimmed, it is possible to modify it by removing as much as necessary with scissors (as seen in corresponding image). Only do this if absolutely necessary to install your gel pads. Cut slowly and take off only a small amount at a time. You can't add any material back on, so please be careful.

Walkers Game Ear Mount:

  • This video is out of date! We are going to update this soon. The only difference now is that our gel pads and plastic snap-in adapter plates are supplied separately, and the end user must place the pads onto the plates before installation. It just takes an extra few seconds. This new system makes it so that the end user can replace just the gel pads in the future without needing to purchase extra adapter plates, which saves money.
  • The best tool for removing the original mounting plates is a coin like a U.S. penny or quarter. As shown in the video, make sure to line up the headband clip with the side of the headset in order to expose the (mostly hidden) groove where a tool can be inserted to pry / pop off the mounting plate.

Invisio T5 / MSA Sordin / TCI Liberator / 3M Peltor Mount:

  • If your original fabric-covered foam pieces that cover the speakers inside your T5 / Sordin / Liberator / Peltor / etc headset have worn out, please contact us before ordering and we will include a free pair of generic foam inserts. They will protect the speakers from detritus and prevent your ears from affecting the emitted sounds.

3M Peltor X-Series Mount:

3M Peltor Optime Mount: