Howard Leight Version:

Sport Stickback Version:

Stretchback Version:

Stretchback Version notes:

  • The two extra fabric-covered foam pieces in your package are protective covers for your speakers and are used only as required, and the black fabric faces your head while the foam faces the speakers.
  • If your retaining flap on the rear is a bit too large and difficult to pull over the rim of your headset, please understand that the retainer was designed to fit as many headsets as possible and is capable of being stretched an impressive amount without tearing. However, if the stretch retainer is too large for your headset and needs to be trimmed, it is possible to modify it by removing as much as necessary with scissors (as seen in corresponding image). Only do this if absolutely necessary to install your gel pads. Cut slowly and take off only a small amount at a time. You can't add any material back on, so please be careful.

Walkers Razor Version:

MSA Sordin / TCI Liberator / 3M Peltor ComTac Version:

3M Peltor X-Series Version:

3M Peltor Optime Version: