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“As an active Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) serving on a high operational tempo tactical unit, my primary goal has always been to save weight without compromising functionality. In pursuit of this objective, I sought out solutions that would allow me to utilize night vision equipment both with and without a helmet mounting setup.

I am writing to share my experience with the combination of the TANTO housing, RPO optics, and now the MAX14 arm. Having recently received the MAX14, my initial impression can be summed up in one word: WOW! Its lightweight design immediately caught my attention. Moreover, I was struck by the perfect balance of tension when articulating the arm at both elbows. It's neither too soft nor too hard – just the right amount of resistance.

This optimal tension also enabled me to securely attach a 550 cord around my neck and quickly hook it onto the rear of the MAX14 retention spot. This setup eliminates the need for my helmet during lower visibility operations, providing greater flexibility, covertness, and ease of movement.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed as an LEO who has consistently relied on your SIGHTLINES gel cups for every headset I've owned. Your commitment to innovative and high-quality products continues to exceed my expectations.

Thank you for providing such reliable gear that enhances both comfort and performance in demanding operational environments.

-the reviewer asked to remain anonymous



“What Noisefighters has managed to do with the Panobridge is incredible. The fact that I can stow a lightweight, compact, panoramic night vision goggle in my cargo pocket is game changing. The Panobridge presents the first worthwhile alternative to quad tube goggles that I’ve found. It is simple and tough, and by integrating standard AN/PVS-14 monoculars, it eliminates many logistical headaches.” -Retired Master Sergeant Bob Keller, owner of Gamut Resolutions training group and a ten year member of the U.S. Army 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta (Delta Force).


“Most people and organizations can’t afford quad tube goggles. The Panobridge, coupled with two AN/PVS-14s, is the first alternative to quad tube goggles that I can now recommend for those looking for panoramic night vision." - Jon "Mochabear" Dufresne, owner of Kinetic Consulting training group, a former U.S. Army Ranger, and current executive protection and law enforcement consultant who is additionally on staff with Sage Dynamics.


"So, basically, the Panobridge, in my opinion, it's the best dual PVS-14 bridge mount available right now." -Nitewalker, from his video review.


"Love your product.  I have shot several courses of fire (only pistol so far) that I teach and shoot on a very regular basis and really concentrated on just shooting the COFs without thinking about the difference the Panobridge was making.  I didn't consciously turn my head to get into Zone 1 on my right eye.  I just shot them fast.  It was EXTREMELY fast and accurate.  I actually shot our low-light/no-light tested COF faster and more accurately in the pitch black on NVGs than I did with a weapons mounted white light.  But the real difference was when doing entries.  The increased field of view makes an incredible difference in target ID and acquisition.  Very happy with your products.  I am looking forward to rolling out the Panobridge to my entire team.  Keep up the great work." - Skip from Denver, Colorado
"I have spent at least 20 hours driving, shooting, hunting, and hiking in the woods with dual PVS-14s bridged via the Panobridge. My brain receives more information from the wider field of view, allowing me to move faster. The increased field of view also eliminated the need for more head movement, which reduces fatigue. I feel claustrophobic when I am not using my Panobridge equipped night vision, and I am never going back to a conventional 40-degree field of view. This product is impressive, and I have zero complaints.”Thomas Gomez, Founder & CEO of High Desert Rifle Works
"Overall, the Noisefighters Panobridge MK2 can add a lot of versatility to your kit. The bridge is extremely lightweight and even without the panning abilities would be a great option as a fully articulating lightweight mount. Drastically increasing your useable field of view is a massive advantage. Available with thermal mounts as well, the Panobridge is quick to set up for whatever application you so choose."  -Mitchell Graf, excerpted from his complete review on GunsAmerica

Sightlines Gel Ear Pads:


Wes Doss, Ph.D.
Founder, Khyber Training (bio)

"[I used them all day] Sunday, hot and dusting, these gel cups are a relief! Comfortable and are perfect with eye pro! Highly recommended!"


Rex Nanorum
Reviewer for Loadout Room (SOFREP) + Ranger + heli pilot

"The difference was impressive and immediately apparent.[...] Ambient noise was shut off with the SightLines cups.[...] Inexpensive Howard Leight Impact Sport muffs upgraded with SightlLines can hang with the heavyweights."

Military gear reviewer since 2001

"SightLines addresses the issues with eyewear compatiblity that headset users like myself have simply accepted as something we'd have to live with. [...] It's a no-brainer for headset users to upgrade to the SightLines; your head will thank you."


Chris Melendez
PFC Training Operations Manager (bio)

"Noisefighters are legit! I got a pair to try out and they are awesome! I wore them last week during our week long @pfc_training #FSOCX course with thousands of rounds fired (30k+), all in close proximity. They worked as advertised: no more headaches from pinching and gun blasts. They are significantly quieter while in place, no extra wind noise. These are gel ear pads with relief cuts for eye pro and baseball cap fitment. No issues installing these on my current Peltor Tactical headset. They make them for numerous other headsets and companies. I recommend these to every shooter and trainer; these are a game changer. So step up your game and get more protection."


LEO & gear connoisseur

"Wasn’t getting the seal I needed when I mounted my ComTac IIIs to my Exfil. Thanks to Noisefighters, I’m back to where I need to be. My ears are in heaven when I’m wearing these bad boys!"


Director of Product Development at TNVC + Military officer

"BLUF: @noisefighters SightLines Peltor ComTac Cushions worked as advertised to make wearing eyeglasses or eye protection much more comfortable while wearing over-the-ears hearing protection/comms. -

***Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Noisefighters, and have not received any sort of compensation for this testing***

I was fortunate to be able to spend a little over a week testing the very first set of 3M Peltor ComTac-compatible SightLines Cushions and wanted to share some of my impressions.

To be honest, after first installing the cushions at the house, I was a little bit tepid, as the pads slightly changed the angle of my glasses, however once on the range and once I was focused on actually shooting and not on my glasses/headset, the slight change in angle became a non-issue, much better than my past attempts to use Rx inserts in various types of eye protection. Once I started going about my business, I more or less forgot that I was wearing them—a good thing in this case, and I found myself much less frequently tempted to remove my hearing protection at every possible interval just to give my temples a rest. -

Ultimately, there’s not really much to say in terms of fancy features when it comes to the SightLines Cushions, they’re straightforward and simple—and the best indication that they’re working is that you don’t notice them at all. I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to have tried these out, and am looking forward to purchasing a few sets for all my ComTacs."


Firearms enthusiast

"Just my $0.02:

I jumped in during their Kickstarter campaign. I received my Impact Sport cups very quickly after the campaign (something nearly unheard of in the Kickstarter funding world).

The Impact Sports are definitely budget-level hearing protection. I have a David Clark aviation headset, and have worn ~10 different models of both passive and active noise-cancelling aviation headphones (one pair was $900 worth of noise-cancelling goodness).

The HL Impact Sport headphones have relatively decent active cancelling. I give them to guests so they can hear my instructions more easily. The real problem is the ear cups. They're the same kind of thing you'd see on a pair of $9 Panasonic headphones at Walmart. A $7 pair of Harbor Freight ear muffs have better passive reduction characteristics.

The Sightlines cups are constructed more like aviation headset cups. It's a flexible membrane over soft foam. These make the Impact Sports feel like much more expensive headsets. They're more comfortable for long periods and massively improve the passive noise reduction with or without eye protection.

The fact that they have little cut-outs for your eye protection makes them stand apart from anything else I've worn. Even for flying, you're usually wearing sunglasses, and these would make a world of difference for comfort on those long flights in those freakishly-loud prop cockpits.

Even if you don't have a burning need for better hearing protection, these guys are really cool engineers pursuing their passion in a very competitive environment. I was happy to patronize them, and even more happy with what I got in the mail.

Note: I have no professional affiliation with them. I'm just some random guy on the Internet who likes to shoot."


Firearms enthusiast

"I just got one of the most exciting mail calls I've had in awhile. [...] These make $60 headphones feel like $350 headphones."


Firearms photographer

"Significantly more comfortable, less noise and no pressure points with eyewear. Every shooter needs these!"


Bill W.
GA State Special Agent / Police Firearms Instructor

"OK, these are the most incredible change in hearing protection I have ever felt. I can not even feel them on my head. I have had a pair of custom amplified earplugs for 8 years and they died. I can not afford to replace them ($500) and because of my responsibilities as a police firearms instructor, I have to have amplified hearing protection. I was dreading going back to amplified headsets but that was all I could afford, In addition, my son (13) has started shooting competitively and I bought him a set of amplified muffs also. He was using them but could not wear them more than an hour or so without pain from the cups, even with the eye protection arms above the cups. That is why I was searching for a solution and found your company. He said he can wear these all day now. I have over 25 years as a competitive shooter, police sniper, and police firearms instructor and I have never felt so comfortable in a headset INCLUDING $400 tactical units. I wish you would have invented these 20 years ago."


Josh Bandy
Owner, Pigg River Precision

"The purchase of your inserts earlier this year for my Howard Leight and Walker Razors is probably the best personal gear investment I made in 2018. I recommend Noisefighters to all my shooters, to my ROs, and my fellow range owners all the time. You can quote me on that."


Dr. Steve K.
Precision rifle series competitor

"5.0 out of 5 stars. Excellent product with great customer service. These are my third set of Noisefighters, as I have them on two other sets of shooting headsets, Howard Leight, and Peltor. They are comfortable for long days at the range, and the cutouts for glasses is ingenious. My shooting glasses fit perfectly under these and I have been able to wear them during day long, precision rifle competitions without a problem. Customer service is also amazing, as my last set was redirected due to a Postal Service mistake and I had to call the company to get them redelivered. I called on a weekend and expected to leave a voicemail, and actually got the founder of the company, Neal, on the phone. He took care of the problem and I am totally pleased. I think that you get what you pay for and these are worth every penny. Thanks Neal, and the other great folks at Noisefighters!"